Mobile test automation is now easier.

A UI-based test automation solution, test your Android and iOS apps.
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Monitor testings from anywhere, anytime.

From a web browser, plan tests, check progress and analyze results.
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Run tests on any mobile device.

Runs tests on devices without being connected to a PC or server and reports the results.
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Create your script by looking at the actual screen.

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Easy and powerful script creator ever!

Made by and for developers.

– Follows WebDriver specification
– Supports Layout Inspector
– Provides Code Assistant
– “One Script on Multiple Devices” testing

Simple interface for non-developers and testers

Create script by touching the device’s screen.
Knowledge for programming language is NOT required.

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Register a test device and start testing immediately.

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Cloud based test project management service.

Creating a test project

Take the script created in Tstudio and create a new test project.

Distributing the test project

Register a test device and upload the script.
Monitor the status and results during the progress of the test.

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Automatically start testing on devices

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A Stand-alone mobile test player.

Supporting multiple devices without USB connection

Run the same test on multiple, different types of devices concurrently.

Uploading result automatically

Once the test is finalized, result is uploaded to Tconsole.
Device will be left with no footprints, just as no test was ever done.

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Checking the results after testing

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Cloud based test project result management service.

Checking the result by screenshots

Review the test results from the screenshots taken during the test steps.
Users will be able to see where it has failed and the messages presented.

Checking the detailed report

A detailed report is generated after test has completed.
Review the logs, resources used and more.

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A test method never seen before.

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Enable Tplayer test engine.

Tbooster’s role

– Supports Stand-alone test mode
– Supports connected device’s charging.
– Easy update via USB memory.

* Offers an easy to use SW install version.

Get started right now!

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Automate tests
Script creating tool

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Support to
Windows is coming soon.

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Cloud service
to manage the tests

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Mobile module
to run the tests

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Support to
iOS is coming soon.

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Device enabling
the test engine

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