Mobile test automation is now easier.

A UI-based test automation solution.
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Create your script by looking at the actual screen.

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Easy and powerful script creator ever!

Made by and for developers.

“- Follows WebDriver specification
– Supports Layout Inspector
– Provides Code Assistant
– “”One Script on Multiple Devices”” testing”

Simple interface for non-developers and testers.

Create script by touching the device’s screen. Knowledge for programming language is NOT required.

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Check the script run results.

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Overview the information from the results tab.

Results by time

Save the results as a time-line on a recurring basis to see the errors rapidly.

Results by case

Save and review the results in detail as Test Suite, Case, Step.
Analyze the results by comparing the screen from creation and from actual execution.

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Analyze the performance and results

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Select the Step to see details

Image comparison

Review the result by checking the expected results, the image matching rate, and UI errors.

Step details

Estimate the failure point by checking the memory and CPU utilization during the test.

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